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Welcome to the World of 3d Art, Gaming Art, visual Arts and Web Arts. Together we call it as CYRYX - School of Multimedia Arts and Design.

The School of Multimedia Arts and Design has a single motto of catering quality knowledge about creativity, artistic advancements, turn-around technical trends, production procedures, In- Industry implementations in the fields of Traditional Animation, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Non-linear Editing, Visual Effects, Game designing, Game programming, Web graphics and  development.

The School is first of its kind in Maldives and boasts to have the best infrastructure and latest, High-end equipment. The School is dedicated and committed for inculcating the artistic adaptability for the most challenging and creative Industry of 3D Art. The school looks forward for just not teaching art and creativity but, for creating artists.




Diploma in 3D Modeling & Animation
Diploma in Editing & Visual Effects
Diploma in Game Design & Development
Diploma in Web Art & Technologies
Diploma in 3D Animation
Diploma in Web Technologies
Diploma in Visual Effects
Certificate IV in Editing & Compositing
Certificate IV in Web Graphics
Certificate IV in Game Modeling
Certificate III in Digital Animation
Certificate III in Graphic Design
Certificate III in Web Design