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Certificate I in Life Skills & Citizenship Values Print E-mail


This course provides students with personality development skills, behavioural skills & socially admirable attitude with the right citizenship values. The student would be groomed in terms of personality, self management, honesty, promptness, patriotism & skills that make a person a good & a true citizen. The main objective of the Course is to develop the overall personality and imbibe citizenship values to respect their nation, value others and to be an asset for the country. This course would be highly recommended for citizens, as it shapes their personality & helps in developing Life skills & Citizenship values.



Life skills & Personality Development
Admirable Social Behaviours
Being a True Citizen
Leadership Skills



Completion of grade 7 OR ability to communicate in the language of instruction OR meet the alternative entry requirements set by MQA (Please see Minimum Entry Requirements for MNQF).


Fee Details

Total Fee: Mrf. 1,500/-
Reg.Fee: Mrf. 300/-



7 weeks