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Master of Business Administration (MBA)2 years Print E-mail


Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme of Cyryx is an innovative programme for both working individuals and full time candidates who want to advance their careers and broaden their education background. The curriculum is design both theories and practical experiences to give candidates insight into intricacies of constantly changing economic world. With the enhance level of required reading for research and to understand the topic broadly.

Choosing an MBA will push any students to one step closer to comfort zone in the job market and also by giving personal challenge and offering a different perspective. It does encourage strategic thinking and ‘bigger picture’ understanding by giving opportunity to deepen technical expertise and analytical ability and improvise communication.

The MBA is a real investment for future and a set up for future Manager’s Roles.


2 years Master Programme

Semester 1
Module Name
Module code
Strategic Management MBA01
Entrepreneurial Development MBA02
Organisational Behaviour MBA03
Semester 2
Module Name
Module code
Product and Brand Management MBA04
Creativity & Innovation MBA05
Research Methods & Proposal
Semester 3
Module Name
Module code
Strategic Human Resource Management MBA201
Managerial Economics MBA202
Managerial Finance MBA203
Semester 4
Module Name
Module code
Operations Management MBA204
Competitive Analysis
Dissertation MBA206


General Entry

Bachelor's Degree at MNQF Level 7 OR Level 8 Graduate diploma in the field of specialization.


Alternativel Entry

25 years old AND, a MNQF Level 6 Advanced Diploma AND 4 years' experience in the proposed field of study OR

25 years old AND, a MNQF Level 5 Diploma and 8 years experience in the proposed field of study OR

25 years old AND, A MNQF Level 4 Certificate and 10 years experience in the proposed field.



Fee Details

Reg Fee: Mrf. 2000/-
Module Fee: Mrf. 5500/-



2 years


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