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Cyryx College holds Convocation Ceremony to Honor the Graduates Print E-mail



More than 200 graduates has received their honors at the Cyryx College Convocation Ceremony 2014. The ceremony was held on 26 June 2014 at Dharubaaruge, Rannabandeyri Maalam.


The Chief Guest of the ceremony was the former President His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. Deputy Vice Chancellor of HELP University Dr. Khong, respected foreign dignitaries, council members, staff, students with their families also attended this significant event.


Chief Guest in his address highlighted the achievements of Cyryx College and applauded Mr. Ahmed Shareef for the efforts in the upholding of Cyryx College during the last 20 years, making it one of the world recognized and the finest Colleges in the country offering many programmes from various discipline. Former President Gayyoom also noted that he was pleased to have awarded the Public Service Intensive Award  to Cyryx College in 2002.


Welcome Address was delivered by Mr. Ahmed Shafeeu, Executive Director Institutional Development of Cyryx College followed by the Address from the College Dean, Mr. Ibrahim Waheed.



The event honored those students from various 10 programmes, who had completed all the requirements necessary for their Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels. The Conferment of Degree Programme by Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Khong, was followed by exchanging of plaque between Cyryx College and HELP University, Malaysia which was then followed by the Address by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of HELP University Dr. Khong.


In the ceremony the college also paid tribute to the graduates who has completed the course with outstanding efforts shown in earning their degrees.


Both Ms. Mariyam Maushamie and Ms. Waseela Moosa from the Programme ‘Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)’ received the Chairman’s Award for Top Achievement. Mr. Zabeen from the Programme ‘Diploma in Information Technology’, Ms. Asamy Rushdy from the Programme ‘Diploma in Business Management’ and Ms. Hawwa Maaira from the Programme ‘Diploma in Office Management and Administration’ received the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Project was received by Mr. Adam Waheed, Ms. Mariyam Maushamie and Mr. Mohamed Simad from the Program ‘Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons).


A special award was offered by the family of Ogaru Faiza Ali, who is the mother of Ms. Aishath Sharoona Shaugee, Cyryx College Vice Chairperson and Registrar and the Mother-in-law of the Cyryx College Chairman Mr. Ahmed Shareef. The Ogaru Faiza Ali Award for Excellence with a cash prize of MVR 10,000 was received by Ms. Waseela Moosa from the Programme ‘Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons).


All the awards were handed over to the winners by the Chief Guest former President His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.


Cyryx College also announced the decision of its Council to award two scholarships annually to the Maumoon Foundation for two selected recipients to pursue an undergraduate Degree programme and a Diploma programme in any chosen discipline.


Ms. Mariyam Maushamie delivered the speech on behalf of the graduates. The ceremony was adjourned with the National Anthem.