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Online Application

Certificate IV in Human Resource Management Print E-mail

Office of any Organization, big or small, is responsible for services essential to the smooth running of the entire enterprise. The office and its personnel must be well managed so that, those services are rapidly and efficiently provided. This requires training, supervision and control of personnel as well as better utilization of machines, equipment and resources, including computers, communications network, the reception, the mail room, cashiering, accounts work, stationery, and much more. This very practical Program provides training on the most important duties of modern Office systems and procedures.



Principles of Management

Executive Communication
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Statistics for Business
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Introduction to Research Methods
Compensation Management
Final Project


Entry Criteria

Successful completion of Lower Secondary Education OR Attainment of a Level 3 qualification


Alternative Entry

18 years old and 1 year work experience

AND Ability to communicate in the language of instruction


Fee Details

Total Fee: Mrf. 24000/-
Installment: Mrf. 2,000/- Per Month
Reg.Fee: Mrf. 500/-



1 year