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MBA(IT) Information Technology 1year Print E-mail

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to focus on holistic strategic thinking within an organization. The ability to recognize and exploit opportunities and the development of strategies and plans to cope with managing change are addressed. This MBA enables participants to consider issues in an organization wide or total business context. Skills in analyzing business and organizational problems are emphasized. Furthermore, this MBA gives participants the opportunity to specialize in Information Technology – MBA (IT), preparing them for leadership roles in using latest technology and innovations in business development, management, and administration. This specialization is designed for those aspiring to become innovation leaders and chief information officers of the future.


Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to apply the various concepts and theories learnt, hence equipping them to take variety of decisions at the highest level in any organization.


This course helps students to become conversant with the essence of business so that they can aspire to assume responsible positions, besides learning to manage technical and organizational change in today’s face paced world. This course provides students with tools and skills that will help them become effective managers, able to understand the needs of their subordinates, apply technology and innovation, and have an extensive knowledge of the political, economic, and social environment.



1 year Master Programme

Module Name
Module code
Management Concepts MBA01
Entrepreneurial Development MBA02
Organisational Behaviour MBA03
Strategic Human Resource Management MBA04
Managerial Economics MBA05
Digital Transformation
Enterprise Governance of IT
IT Security Management
Final Project


General Entry

Bachelor's Degree at MNQF Level 7 OR Level 8 Graduate diploma in the field of specialization.


Alternativel Entry

25 years old AND, a MNQF Level 6 Advanced Diploma AND 4 years' experience in the proposed field of study OR

25 years old AND, a MNQF Level 5 Diploma and 8 years experience in the proposed field of study OR

25 years old AND, A MNQF Level 4 Certificate and 10 years experience in the proposed field.


Fee Details

Reg Fee: Mrf. 2000/-
Module Fee: Mrf. 5000/-



1 year