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Education is the first stepping stone to an open mind, a life of dignity and growth of each individual and humankind at large. Management Education is the ladder for students, seeking a shift from general education to specialized ways of understanding challenges & opportunities of business world around.

In present scenario, the business environment is radically changing and it is very dynamic across the world. This is having great impact on business and has thrown up a lot of opportunities and challenges. Under this critical situation, it is a matter of survival, growth, stabilization and excellence that matters in business performance. To tackle this critical situation and capture opportunities a higher degree of managerial skills and knowledge are regarded as the need of the hour. Managerial skills and knowledge can be developed and sharpened through professional programmes in the field of management.




Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 1 Year
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2 Year
MBA (IT) Information Technology 1 Year
MBA (IB) International Business 1 Year

Bachelor of Business  - Human Resources
Bachelor of Business  - Marketing
Bachelor of Business  - Finance
Associate Degree in Business
Diploma in Business Administration (1 year)
Diploma in Business Management (1 year)
Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Management (1 year)
Diploma in Accounting & Finance (1 year)
Diploma in Human Resource Management (1 year)
Certificate IV in Business Administration
Certificate IV in Human Resource Management
Certificate III in Food & Beverage Service
Certificate III in Retail & Sales Management
Certificate III in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Certificate III in E-Marketing Techniques
Certificate III in Accounting & Office Management
Certificate III in Office Management & Administration
Certificate III in Marketing Management
Certificate III in Tourism & Hospitality Management
Certificate III in Human Resource Management
Certificate II in Office Management &Administration
Certificate I in Office Management & Administration