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Certificate I in Information Technology Print E-mail


The Certificate in Information Technology is designed to act as a  bridge to higher-level computing qualifications and provides students with a solid foundation to enter a career in computing. The course aims to enable student to learn and undertake basic Information Technology  functions using a personal computer. The student would learn fundamental IT activities as well as acquire basic IT knowledge and skills at a foundational level, while equipping themselves for higher stages in career




Operate a Personal Computer Operate a Presentation Package
Operate a Word Processing Application Send & Retrieve Information over the Internet using Browsers & Email
Operate a Spreadsheet Application


Entry Criteria

Completion of grade 7 OR ability to communicate in the language of instruction OR meet the alternative entry requirements set by MQA (Please see Minimum Entry Requirements for MNQF).


Fee Details

Total Fee: Mrf. 1,500/-
Reg.Fee: Mrf. 300/-



1 Month


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