Aishath Ayna Hassan – Certificate IV in Psychology (2018)


We are pleased to introduce our student, Aishath Ayna Hassan, who is studying for our Certificate IV in Psychology. Ayna is a curious to know more about social science and how the social world operates. She is currently working in insurance as an insurance sales agent. She is ambitious to become a future marketing professional.

Ayna notes that her plan of studying psychology at Cyryx College is to learn about human behavior which would be indispensable to study marketing at bachelors’ level and to be a successful marketer in future.

Ayna is noted for dedication while working as an insurance agent and studying at Cyryx and at the same time being a local singer which she took it as a hobby and she later became more serious to sing at studios and cafés. We are proud of Ayna and her dedication to devote her time to multiple commitments.