Mohamed Fayaz Adam – Cyryx Alumnus (2016)

In our next “Know Our Alumnus” series, we are presenting Mohamed Fayaz Adam who had a long journey with us at Cyryx College. Fayaz graduated with our Master of Business Administration program and we are proud of his endeavorings. We wish all the best to Fayaz is his career
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Zihan Riyaz-Cyryx Alumnus (2017)

Our graduate for the next “Know Our Alumnus” series is Zihan Riyaz, who graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource) in 2017. Zihan has untangled a lot of hurdles and obstacles to become a human resource professional. Zihan is currently the Human Resource Manager at Litus Automobiles, which is one of the evolving companies with multiple portfolios in marine, construction, trade and many others. At Litus, Zihan had played a key role to standardize the HR practices and processes of its over 200 employees.

Zihan has been one of the students amongst many Cyryx’s graduates who have studied with us since he joined our Certificate III in Office Management and Administration. From all the way till then and till he completed his bachelor’s degree, Zihan has been a hardworking and dedicated student. Zihan noted that due to the financial hurdles he faced to pursue his studies, he had to work long hours whilst studying at Cyryx College, which embodied him with great values to see the world more perfectly.

Regarding the study experience at Cyryx, Zihan noted that he would fondly remember the great friends and more specifically Ali, Rishan and Nafiu, who he had established a fraternity. In addition, Zihan asserts that he enjoyed the balance of theories and practical exposures incorporated in its studies and the extra mile its lecturers go to elucidate and guide its students in their studies.

In addition to his current job, Zihan also pursues his entrepreneurial spirit by investing in construction management. Zihan’s own construction company now manages four notable projects in the Maldives. We are proud of Zihan and the strength he has developed by studying at Cyryx and his personal experience in managing multiple commitments, entrepreneurship and in human resource. We wish all the success in Zihan’s future endeavors
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Ahmed Saeed – Cyryx Alumnus (2015)


We are pleased to introduce our MBA alumnus, Ahmed Saeed, “Cappi” referred to him by his colleagues, who is currently working as a Senior Customs Officer – Grade 2 at Maldives Customs Service.

Ahmed is a perfect example for all our students. He joined the Maldives Customs Service in 2002 and he developed his leadership acumen working at this important government organization. Ahmed has been hugely contributing to the Maldives Customs Service especially in the Goods Valuation domain. As Maldives Customs Service plays the central role in maintaining goods clearance in line with the practices of the World Customs Organizations (WCO), Ahmed has acquired tremendous exposure in these cross-border goods import and export practices and he has participated in several international seminars and workshop to keep pace with these global best practices.

During the past one and half decades of Ahmed’s service to Maldives Customs Service, Ahmed has maintained a positive attitude and professionalism in his service to reflect the integrity and ethics expected from such law enforcement officials. As per Ahmed, he considers his work as his “best friend” apart from his family. Ahmed has a true passion to nurture fraternity at work through recreation activities. Ahmed served the role of General Secretary at Customs Recreation Clun from February 2016 to February 2018 in addition to being a key volleyball and futsal player in Maldives Customs teams.

While completing his MBA at Cyryx, Ahmed is considered as a friendly, dedicated and committed student by his academics. Ahmed was also the Spiker of Cyryx’s volleyball team in 2014, which also enabled Cyryx to become the Champion Volleyball Team in the Inter-College Volleyball Tournament for the year. Ahmed noted that his time at Cyryx is one that he would fondly remember including the matured and intellectual journey he had with the experienced lecturers at Cyryx’s MBA program. Ahmed’s word of advice for any ambitious student is to take learning as a life experience to understand the real-life complexities including working under pressure, meeting deadlines and applying theoretical concepts to real life problems.

We are proud of Ahmed’s accomplishment, his dedication, his positive personality. Ahmed is the father of two sons, who are ten and five years old. His spouse is a teacher and Ahmed completed his MBA with us while working at Maldives Customs and being a committed husband and a father. We wish Ahmed “Cappi” all the best in his personal and professional life.

Mariyam Raufa – Cyryx Alumnus (2018)


We are pleased to feature Mariyam Raufa, Senior Project Officer, at Ministry of Health on the third edition of our “Know Our Alumnus” series. Raufa epitomizes the traits of a true “Dhivehi Kanbalun” require for the Maldives to ascent in its development. Raufa is entrusted with a senior mandate in planning, designing and implementation of health policies in the Maldives. She is also the Program Manager for the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Maldives and takes care of the healthcare development initiatives that are conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and WHO. During Raufa’s tenure, she developed a deep and contextual understanding of the challenges inherent in the Maldives health sector.

Raufa pursued her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Cyryx College whilst working at the Ministry of Health. She fondly noted the insightful, pragmatic and relevant lectures that she attended at her MBA course. One of her favourite academics at Cyryx College is Ahmed Naseer, who is the current Governor at Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), who was an adjunct MBA lecturer at Cyryx College. Raufa notes that Ahmed Naseer is a remarkable lecturer with rich experiences and explains theories and concepts during the lectures by effectively linking those with the practices in the Maldives.

Raufa says that she is proud for attaining an MBA at Cyryx College whilst working and as she liked the class environment, especially the sense of maturity she felt within her colleagues and academics at Cyryx College. Raufa asserts that studying for an MBA helped her to assimilate advanced theoretical concepts and frameworks which helped her to creatively and effectively reflect on the important work assignments she is involved in the nation’s development.

We are proud of Raufa’s dedication, the passion she has towards her work and her true commitment to work on challenging work she is involved in. We wish her all the best in her career.

Ali Mamdhooh-Cyryx Alumnus (2016)


On the second edition of our “Know Our Alumnus” series, we are pleased to introduce our alumnus, Ali Mamdhooh, who graduated from Cyryx College in 2016 with a Master of Business Administration. Ali Mamdhooh is an exemplary alumnus and a perfect role model to all our students and young leaders out there. He has been working in the education field for the past 16 years and had worked from various teaching positions to principal positions at different schools in the Maldives. He is currently the Deputy Principal at Hiriya school who takes care of over 1200 students studying from grades 1 to 10, the teachers and all administrative staff.

Ali has a true passion and dedication for studying and he won the meritorious award of Cyryx College, Ogaru Faiza Ali Award for Excellence for attaining the highest GPA from the course. Ali is currently completing his PhD in education and his master course was a catalyst to motivate him to pursue his PhD. One of the greatest memories of Cyryx he has is the insightful lectures and experiences shared by two of his admired lecturer, Dr Ahmed Adhuham and Dr Sunny Umặr which he reflects in his real working life. In addition, Ali notes that the friendly study environment, caring academics and the extracurricular activities he participated at Cyryx are memories that he would always cherish.

We are proud of Ali’s achievements, his true dedication and selfless contribution to the Maldives education and wish him all the best in PhD undertaking and his future endeavours.

Hassan Agleen – Cyryx Alumnus (2016)


We are pleased to introduce the “Know Our Alumnus” series that introduce our alumni who are succeeding in various fields.

On our first series we are introducing Hassan Agleen, who graduated from Cyryx College in 2016 with a Bachelor of Information Technology (System Administration). Hassan is the Assistant IT Manager at Public Service Media and he has always demonstrated great passion in volleyball even during his school days winning various titles and as a result of his dedication, commitment and hard work, he was recently appointed as the Youth Development Chairman at Volleyball Association of Maldives.

We are proud of his achievement and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.