Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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The Master of Public Administration (MPA) programme of Cyryx College is an innovative option for both working professional and full-time candidates who want to advance their career opportunities and broaden their education background.

Master of Public Administration (MPA) is designed to develop professionals with the strategic leadership and management competencies in the public sector in a holistic and interconnected interdependent context of sustainable development and innovative public service delivery. The ability to recognize, appreciate and exploit opportunities, with the development and management of policy, strategies, and plans, to effectively manage change and drive innovation are at the heart of this programme. This MPA enables participants to consider complex issues in public sector organizations, national development, and in public service delivery, from a holistic total government and governance context. Skills in analyzing and managing organizational challenges in turbulent and rapidly changing environments are emphasized with key focus on emerging and current developments both local and international.

The Cyryx College MPA programme provides conceptual, theoretical and critical perspectives of leadership and management in public administration. It is essential for those students working in or aspiring to work in leading roles in government, state-owned companies, or independent institutions of the state. It is also vital for students working in, or indenting to work in NGOs and non-state actors, who play a role in influencing public policy-making. Students will gain critical knowledge of modern public administration and skills in making and analyzing and influencing public policy.

This programme helps students to become acquainted with the essence of government, governance, and public-sector business so that they can aspire to assume responsible positions besides learning to drive innovation and manage organizational change. This MPA provide students with skills that will help them become effective leaders and managers, able to understand the needs of their subordinates, apply technology, and have an extensive knowledge of the political, economic, and social environment.


Course Registration Fee : MRF 2,500

Monthly Installment Fee : MRF 3,750 x 14

Total Course Fee : MRF 52,500


School of Business
Duration: 12 months
Course Fee Details

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Potential Careers

  • Elected Officials
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Policy Executive
  • Permanent Secretary
  • Director General
  • Director
  • Programme/Project Manager
  • Head of Department


School of Business
Duration: 12 months
Course Fee Details

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Entry Requirements

  • A related Bachelor’s Degree OR
  • A related Graduate Diploma at Level 8 OR

Experience Pathway:

  • 25 years old, completion of a related Level 5 qualification, and 7 years of relevant experience (of which 3.5 years of experience is obtained after completion of a level 5 qualification), and completion of Cyryx College  approved Pre-Master’s Program. OR
  • 25 years old, completion of a related Level 6 qualification, and 6 years of relevant experience (of which 3 years of experience is obtained after completion of a level 6 qualification), and completion of Cyryx College approved Pre-Master’s Program.