Cyryx College celebrates World Peace Day 2016 with Guest Lecture

To mark world Peace Day 2016, Cyryx College held a guest lecture this Thursday, 22nd September 2016. The lecture on the topic ‘The Sustainable Development Goals – Building blocks for peace’ was facilitated by sustainable development expert, Mr. Ahmed Inaz.

Mr. Inaz focused the lecture on how peace would be at risk without sustainable development. He further explained the factors of sustainable development; economic, social and environment and how these three needs to be in harmony to achieve peace.

Students described the workshop to be inspiring and thought provoking which helped them come up with many creative ways in which they could promote peace and peace building in the community.

The lecture was attended by a large number of students and faculty.

Mohamed Inaz is the latest in a series of guest lecturers to visit Cyryx College. At Cyryx College, Diploma, Bachelor and Master students are offered a range of Guest Lectures, Workshops and Seminars by nationally and internationally recognized leaders in various fields each year. This Leaders @ Cyryx College: Guest Lecture Series provides our students with the opportunity to hear from and interact with high-profile leaders and professionals in government, industry or community organizations practicing in their field.