Cyryx College commences a refresher workshop for journalists under its CSR programme

Cyryx College has today commenced a two-day refresher workshop for journalists under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. The workshop, will cover key soft skills and knowledge areas that are essential for journalists to effectively carry out their work and increase their impact on the Maldivian society. Topics covered in the workshop include sociology and society, research skills, media and human rights, as well as communication skills. The workshop sessions are facilitated by instructors from both Cyryx College and outside.



At the opening session of the workshop, Vice Rector of Cyryx College, Ahmed Shahid highlighted the key role of media and journalists in shaping our society and its approaches to development, and emphasized that the knowledge and skills gained by participants in this workshop will undoubtedly lead to a better appreciation of these dynamics. He also stressed that the main objective of Cyryx College in conducting this free training programme for journalists is to make a social contribution that has the potential to deepen our understanding of the society and create the necessary conditions for positively re-orienting its future trajectory.


A total of 20 journalists are expected to complete the workshop.