Cyryx College Hosts Academic Enhancement: Professional Development Series

On Monday, 7 September 2015, Cyryx College’s Dean Emily Young facilitated the first session of an in-house training program titled Academic Enhancement: Professional Development Series. The three-session series will cover topics ranging from theory to practical application within the context of the Maldivian school system.


As part of the institution’s commitment to quality assurance, Dean Young has spent several months observing and evaluating lectures from across the disciplines. Based on these observations, the training series was developed to answer the specific needs of Cyryx College lecturers, students, and curriculum design.


Though the training’s primary audience was initially Cyryx College lecturers, local secondary and higher secondary schools were also questioned about the need for pedagogical training. The response was clear; educators throughout Male’ were eager to attend.


As honored guests, representatives from the Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Ahmadiyya International School, and Hiriya School joined Cyryx College lecturers for a morning of valuable training, teambuilding, and inspiration. To commemorate their dedication to academic enhancement and educational leadership, participants will receive a certificate of completion for this professional development accomplishment.


At the session’s conclusion, Dean Young noted: “We must remember why we chose to be educators—to educate! It is our responsibility, our privilege, to make learning active and engaging for students; students should be part of the learning process rather than sedentary note takers listening to 90 minute lectures. My hope is that today’s participants will use the knowledge gained here to revamp and refresh their classrooms.”