Cyryx College held the launching ceremony of Bachelors of Psychology program at Cyryx Galolhu campus on 25th September 2019. The event was inaugurated by the CEO of Society for Health Education (SHE) and former State Minister for Education Mr. Ahmed Shafeeu. Cyryx College Council members, government officials and members of NGOs attended the ceremony.


During the launching ceremony, Mr. Shafeeu emphasized the need for a degree program in the field of psychology in the Maldives. During his speech, Mr. Shafeeu stated the importance of a mentally healthier society and for the Maldivians to focus on preventive health rather than curative health.

Rector of Cyryx College Dr. Ali Fawaz Shareef also highlighted the importance of a psychology program in the Maldives.  He also stated that the Bachelor of Psychology program is a stepping stone towards a career in professional psychology and Cyryx College is currently in the process of developing a Master’s degree in the field of psychology. Cyryx College has been offering qualifications up to Diploma in the field psychology since 2015.


The degree program is designed with an exit point after each year of study; Diploma in Psychology after completing the first year; Associate Degree in Psychology after completing the second year; and Bachelor of Psychology after the full three years of study. Applications are now open and only 20 seats have been announced this time round 20 slots. Applications close on 13th October 2019 and seats will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.


Cyryx College Bachelor of Psychology provides students with the key knowledge and competencies required to expedite careers is a wide variety of areas. The program will enable the students to learn about the science of human behavior, counseling, research, and expose the students to all areas of psychology. The program is fully accredited by the Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA) as a level 7 qualification and approved by the Maldives Allied Health Council. It is also benchmarked against similar international programs.