Cyryx College Media Briefing 29 November 2015

Cyryx College held a media briefing at its Light Sky campus today to announce the introduction of 6 new programs in January 2016 and to inform the public of the ongoing programm at its 4 schools. Cyryx College was represented by Vice Rectors, Ibrahim Waheed and Ahmed Shahid as well the Business Development Director Shimaz Abdul Gadhir. Journalists from major media groups were present at the session.


During the briefing, Cyryx College announced the new programs to be introduced in 2016, which are:

  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Diploma in Primary Education
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Database Admin)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Web Programming)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 2 years


press breifing now 29 2015 mr.waheed


It was emphasized that by offering programs in teaching/education, Cyryx College aims at creating further opportunities to those who are interested in entering the field of education. This program is especially relevant and timely, given the increasing demand for well-trained teachers in schools across the country. Similarly, the degree and MBA programs are designed to cater for a growing demand for these skills at both the government and private sector enterprises.


press brief nov 2015 mr.shimaz & Dr.shahid


Cyryx College has always been at the forefront of identifying skills shortages at the national level and bridging such gaps by offering programs that would help address market demands and development priorities.


The emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of quality in all programs offered at Cyryx College was also highlighted during the briefing. The current and planned facilities at the 3 campuses of Cyryx College and the focus on creating an exceptional, and student-centered learning experience was also underscored during the briefing.


Cyryx College prides itself as being an innovative leader in the higher education sector in Maldives.


press berief nov 2015 Dr.shahid