Cyryx College Participated in Dhiraagu Broad Band Road Race 2012

Cyryx College participated in Dhiraagu Broadband Road Race which was held at Raalhugandu on Friday, 29th of June 2012. The event was dedicated to create awareness for a social cause. This year’s run was dedicated to, “against child abuse and domestic violence”.
About 75 students from Cyryx College dedicated their run to this noble cause. All of them completed the race along with the Cyryx College staff.

The first group of runners was from professional and armature category. They started the race at 16:30hrs and after that was the group categories following Cyryx College, Mandhu College, Villa College, Schools of Male’ and government organizations at 16:40hrs. The distance was to run around Male’ within 45 minutes and complete the race.
From each category 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were selected and also an award was given to the youngest and the oldest participant.
The event ended at 18:30hrs with a dance of young youth volunteers from the Youth Ministry. It was an experience to remember for all those who participated.