Cyryx College Student Association Executive Committee inauguration 2016

The inauguration ceremony for the newly elected Executive Committee of Cyryx College Student Association (CSA) was held today (26th April 2016) at the School of Multimedia, Arts, and Design (Galolhu campus). A number of students and lecturers attended the ceremony held from 3:30 pm until 4:15 pm.


The ceremony began with a speech presented by Rector Dr. Ahmed Shahid, as he emphasized the importance of upholding long term good relations between the college and the student body.  In his speech, Dr. Shahid further elaborated on the events planned for the CSA Committee by the college, in order to build the strong leaders that would represent the college and the society, as a whole.

A Certificate of Recognition for members of Cyryx Student and Alumni Association (CSAA) 2015, were awarded by the Rector to Saushad Zameer (President), Aminath Vinasha (Vice President), Abdulla Aus (General Secretary), Mohamed Nabeeh Nizar (Treasurer), Ali Zabeer (Director of Events Management) and Ahmed Ziyad (Director of Sports) of the CSAA.


Following the awarding, members elected for the CSA Executive Committee, 2016 signed the inauguration papers, which were handed over by the President of the Committee, Abdulla Aus, to Vice-Rector Mr. Jothi Stalin. Furthermore, Abdulla Aus shared his vision and expectations from the Cyryx Students Association, for the year ahead. The ceremony officially ended with a group photo, including the council members, and the members of CSAA and CSA.


Voting for the CSA Executive Committee election was held on the 14th of April 2016. The voting took place at the School of Multimedia, Arts and Design (Galolhu campus), which started at 5:00 pm in the evening and ended at 10:00 pm at night. A voting booth was prearranged at the reception area of the campus, where students came to cast their votes on ballot papers. Following the end time, votes were immediately counted in front of all candidates and results announced respectively.

Cyryx College wishes the Student Association Executive Committee of 2016 all the very best in their journey ahead as student leaders and wishes to see an engaging year ahead of us.