Cyryx Students and Alumni Association (CSAA) Interim Committee Formed

An interim committee has been appointed to create the Cyryx Students and Alumni Association (CSAA). A ceremony was held on 21 June 2012 at the Conference Hall of Cyryx College to officially assign the responsibilities to the interim committee members.
Apart from the designated members of the interim committee, the ceremony was attended by the Cyryx Chairmen Mr. Ahmed Shareef, Director Academics Mr. Ibrahim Waheed, and the marketing team of the College.
The interim committee was chosen among a group of students who volunteered to be part in forming the CSAA, making all the necessary arrangements and to run the election.
The Key responsibilities of the interim committee include conducting a fair and free election in order to form the executive and non-executive CSAA committee for a period of 1 year, to draft all the policies, rules and regulations as well as to finalize a logo.
The CSAA represents the current students and alumni of Cyryx College. The objectives of the association are as follows. To advance the education of its membership and students as a whole, to represent the interests of its members and act as a channel of communication in dealings with the College and other bodies, to protect and represent the welfare of its membership, to promote, encourage and support members of societies and social and cultural activities, to run the Students Association for the benefit of the members of the association, also the association shall practice the above aims and objectives independently of any school, course, batch, faction, political party or other group.
Executive Members of the interim committee are as follows. President, Ibrahim Shimaau (MA-16), Vice President, Ali Shaheem (MA-16), Secretary, Aminath Nafha Gadheer (CIII-HRM 1), Treasurer, Ali Fahumy (MA-16) and Designate from Alumni, Mariyam Nafha Rasheed (MAIII-68).
Six Non-Executive Members of the Interim committee are Hussain Hamdhaan (B-67),Aminath Raufa (MAIII-76), Jazlaan Amjad (MA-16), Thoriq Jalaal (MA-16), Naajila Mohamed (MAIII- 68), and Maha Afeef (MA-17).