Fathmath Nabeela – Bachelor of Business in Finance (2018)


On our Know Our Students series, we are pleased to introduce our current student, Fathmath Nabeela, who is completing her Bachelor of Business in Finance. Nabeela is a hard-working student who manages to study at Cyryx College whilst working full time at Maldives Customs. She aspires to become a finance professional and her hobby is in arts and crafts.

Nabeela notes that she joined Cyryx College for the flexible study options it offers to study for her degree. She notes that she is inculcating a rich mindset with the concepts she learns in her studies and she greatly enjoys the lectures taken by the academics at Cyryx. She is glad that she is making a lot of great friends from different backgrounds and the social learning environment at Cyryx.

Nabeela is a fan of Oprah Winfrey for her philanthropic work and her courage she demonstrated in her life. We wish Nabeela all the best in her studies and the upcoming final exams she would sit in few days.