Former Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Hon. Ahmed Shafeeu has been appointed as the Executive Director, Institutional Development at Cyryx College from 27 January 2014.
Hon. Ahmed Shafeeu holds a Master of Education from Latrobe University, Australia. His previous employment includes holding top positions at the Ministry of Education including the post of Director-General, Policy Planning and Research. Hon. Shafeeu presently sits in various Government committees, councils, boards, and societies.
Hon. Shafeeu is also the Co-founder and principal Consultant of a registered mobile training and consultancy service, ‘Education and Training Consultants’ (ETC).
Cyryx College Dean, Mr. Ibrahim Waheed expressed to the Cyryx media, his aspiration in working with such a proficient and experienced personal, especially in the field of Education. Dean also enthusiastically welcomed the newest member to the already experienced and well-qualified team at Cyryx College.