New MBA programme with specialization in Information Technology and General Management launched by Cyryx College

Cyryx College has launched a new Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme which allows students to specialize in either Information Technology or General Management.



This new programme, built on the core of the very successful on-going Cyryx College MBA programme, is designed to further strengthen the strategic skill sets and capabilities delivered and provide pathways for technology and management leadership for the industry.



This MBA enables participants to consider issues in an organization wide or total business context. Skills in analyzing business and organizational problems are emphasized. Furthermore, this MBA gives participants the opportunity to specialize in Information Technology – MBA (IT), preparing them for leadership roles in using latest technology and innovations in business development, management, and administration. This specialization is designed for those aspiring to become innovation leaders and chief information officers of the future.


The objective of the MBA (IT) specialization is to develop management skills for the effective use of modern technological innovations in the enterprise within the globally connected world. Strategic information technology management is built on technical and managerial skills drawn from the fields of business management, information technology, finance, economics, research. Students of IT specialization will be equipped with key knowledge and tools in digital transformation, governance of enterprise IT, and IT security management. Therefore, MBA students who specialize in information technology will find that they are able to develop their careers in a wide range of industries in today’s globally connected world.


While the general management specialization aims to develop versatile business and organizational leaders of tomorrow with integrated expert knowledge, skills, and tools required for strategic leadership and management in today’s highly competitive business environment.


Registration for this new MBA programme is open now and it is scheduled to start in September 2017.



Download the MBA Brochure here.