Students of Cyryx College participate in radio forum – Dhivehinge Mujuthamau

Over 40 students of Cyryx College participated in the radio forum “Dhivehinge Mujthamau”, a production of Public Service Media in collaboration with Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

The topic of this week’s forum,  “Dharinge Haqqu thah – The Rights of Children” was addressed by three guest speakers; Dr. Amaal Ali, a leading expert on social issues in Maldives,  Mr. Ahmed Ashraf from Ministry of Gender and  Sheik Izzudheen from Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

Dr. Ali’s and Mr. Ashraf’s  talks focused on the importance of child rights and the importance of making sure these  rights were respected, protected and fulfilled by the society  while religious scholar Sheik Adnan focused on child rights from a religious perspective.

The forum also provided students a platform to have an interactive question and answer session with the experts.