Taylor’s University to Recognize Cyryx College Undergrad Programmes

A meeting was held between Mr Ahmed Shareef, Chairman of the Cyryx College with Ms Janice Yen Yoke Ping, Registrar and University Services; Mr Tee Wee Jing, Programmes Director RMIT Degree Programmes School of Computing and IT, and Ms Banumathy Devi, Dean School of Computing, of Taylor’s University Malaysia.

Discussions were held regarding allowing entry from Cyryx Undergraduate programme to Taylor’s Postgraduate programmes. Ms Janice Yen Yoke Ping discussed Collaboration of three schools, including Cyryx School of Business, Cyryx School of Multimedia Arts and Design and Cyryx School of Information Technology with the respective Schools in Taylor’s University. During the meeting, Taylor’s officials agreed to finalize the Diploma exemption modules after reviewing the Cyryx Diploma Programmes.