The tuition fees for courses at Cyryx College are based on the level of your courses, which takes into account the duration of the courses. 

Fees for Respective Courses


Certificate courses

Cyryx College offer four different levels of certificate courses, which includes Certificate I. Certificate II, Certificate III and Certificate IV courses. The duration for each of these courses varies that also determines the fees for these courses. The course duration for the certificate courses are below;

Certificate I – 7 weeks

Certificate II – 4.5 months

Certificate III – 4.5 months

Certificate IV – 12 months

Diploma courses

Diploma courses at Cyryx College spans to a duration of 12 months. For detailed course fees of individual diploma courses and the payment options, please go to specific course fees pages

Undergraduate courses

Cyryx College offers undergraduate degrees under its business and information technology schools. Irrespective of the course discipline Cyryx offers a consistent fee for any undergraduate degree. The duration of an undergraduate degree is 3 years. Students who have completed a level 5 related Diploma are able to completed the bachelors degree in 2 years. The undergraduate fee per year is Mrf 30,000.00. This is excluding the registration fees and any other nominal fees set by the College. The fees can be paid in monthly installments and detailed information on fees can be found in the respective course fee page.

Students who admit to undergraduate courses via alternative entry route are required to completed Undergraduate Preparatory Program (UPP) to meet the requirements of Maldives Qualification Authority. Such students are required to pay additionally for the preparatory courses. The duration of UPP is 3 months and incur a total fee of Mrf 4500.00 For detailed information on undergraduate fees, please visit the respective course fee page.

Postgraduate courses

The postgraduate programs at Cyryx College are currently offered under its School of Business and School of Information Technology. The duration of master programs are one year except the Master of Business Administration course that can also be completed in two years in addition to the one year option that it offers. Similar to undergraduate degree programs, Cyryx College set a standard tuition fee for all its master programs irrespective of the course discipline. The total tuition fees for one-year master programs are Mrf 45000.00 and two-year master program is Mrf 66000.00 excluding registration fees and any other nominal fees set by the College.

For students without a related undergraduate degree, who are admitted to the master courses via the alternative route are required to completed a pre-master preparatory program which has a duration of 3 months. The total tuition fee for the pre-master program is Mrf 4500.00. For detailed information on postgraduate course fees, please visit the respective course fee page.


Fees may be changed without prior notice. However, fees will not be changed during a course of study for students who begin a course with a set fee payment contract signed at the time of registration. Registration fee will be charged immediately upon the issuing of offer letter for the course.

Students are expected to make monthly fee payments according to fee payment contract signed at the time of registration. A reminder will be sent if the monthly installment has not been paid. If the installment has not been settled even after three reminders, the management has the right to expel the student from the course. Students expelled from a course for any of the reasons mentioned in the contract, or as a result of academic failure, or due to poor discipline, or due to repeated failure to follow College regulations, will not be eligible for any reimbursement of fees.

Students who pay full semester fees in advance will be eligible for reimbursement of the fees, if the student requests in writing to withdraw from the course two weeks prior to the commencement date of the relevant course. No fees paid in advance will be reimbursed if the decision to withdraw from the course is made after the commencement of the course.
Students who pay in monthly installments will not be eligible for reimbursement of fees upon voluntary withdrawal from the course

Fees for Respective Courses