Our Vision and Objectives



Cyryx College will be widely recognized as the premier private college which develops global citizens, ready for the world, through excellence in education, scholarship, and research, developed, delivered and rooted in the Maldives and the values of its people.



The mission of Cyryx College is to inspire and enable every student to fulfill their career ambitions and dreams, in a vibrant student-centered environment, by applying the knowledge, skills and competencies gained at the College.


Our mission is guided by the following objectives that relate to our Commitment to Quality:

  1. Provide certificate, diploma and degree level courses in selected areas based on societal training needs, with a particular focus on Information Technology and Management.
  2. Provide opportunities for cognitive, personal, and social growth of students in the context of membership in a dynamic academic community.
  3. Excel in teaching and learning by promoting classroom effectiveness; apply innovative strategies to enhance teaching and learning; increase student success as measured by learner outcomes and skills development; and apply systemic internal quality assurance policies and procedures.
  4. Hire, train and retain high quality faculty and staff, and nurture a climate of leadership and professional development.
  5. Continue to maintain and upgrade the physical, technical, and academic facilities and resources to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for students.