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Certificate III in Digital Animation Print E-mail


Animation is regarded as a part of the creative or content industry as artistic or creative effort is essential to the process of developing animation. The segment, according to the UK Creative Industries Task Force, has the potential for job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property. The US industry, the largest user of animation products and services, describes entertainment as feature films, TV programs, music, broadcasting, cable TV, games, sports, performing arts theme parks and toys..

By the end of this course a student will be able to work in team and develop content for entertainment industry as a freelancer or part of a two dimensional animation company. The process of making portfolio and completing a project is also discussed in the course as bonus content in the project development



Digital Art Essentials Compositing
Cut-Out Animation Project in Digital Animation
Tradigital Animation



Completion of grade 7 OR MNQF Level 2 qualification OR meet the alternative entry requirements set by MQA (Please see Minimum Entry Requirements for MNQF)



Fee Details

Total Fee: Mrf. 15,000/-
Installment: Mrf. 3,000/- Per Month
Reg.Fee: Mrf. 300/-



5 Months