Cyryx Chairmen Invites Mr. Sobir And Dr. Simic to Give Public Speeches about the Maldivian Tourism Industry

Chairman of Cyryx College, Mr. Ahmed Shareef has met with Mr. Hassan Sobir, Senior Lecturer who was a former Tourism Minister of the Maldives and Senior Lecture and Prof. Dr. Andelko Simic, Head of the Faculty of Business Economics & Accounting and School of Hospitality & Tourism of HELP University.
Long discussions were held about why tourism industry stakeholders are not giving much attention to investing people with concerns about foreigners controlling the Maldivian tourism industry. The challenging question was why Maldivians are not going for Tourism & Hospitality Training? Is there really a need for this industry?

Prof. Dr. Andelko Simic and Mr. Hassan Sobir expressed their intention to establish concrete cooperation with Cyryx College in relation to the two Bachelor programmes of their School: Hospitality Management and Tourism Management.
Mr. Sobir appreciated the Cyryx Chairmen’s visit to the School of Hospitality and Tourism at HELP University. He said that he was impressed by the achievements of Cyryx College in private Higher Education in the Maldives and looks forward to closer ties with Cyryx College for mutual benefit.
Mr. Shareef invited Prof. Dr. Andelko Simic and Mr. Hassan Sobir to the Maldives to give public speeches about all the questions arising regarding the Maldivian tourism industry training.