On Tuesday, 23rd June 2020 at 8:30pm, Cyryx College’s held an Online session of the online program – Certificate in eTeaching. During this introductory session, all the lecturers met with all the students Online and had discussions on the content that will be delivered as well as the expectations of the students. The first session was held last night, 25th June 2020 at 08:30pm.


The three weeks’ sessions will cover topics ranging from eLearning Theory, Community of Practice, Connectivism, Instructional Design, ASSURE model, Backward Design Model, Gagne’s Events of Instruction, eTeaching Tools and Environments, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, MOODLE and Screen capture.

The programs are facilitated by Dr. Fathimath Thaufeega (eLearning Theories and Readiness), Dr. Mahmood Shougee (Curriculum and Pedagogy), Dr. Fawaz Shareef
(eLearning Design and Technology) and Mr. Ibrahim Waheed (Educational Technology)