Fathih Ali Ibrahim – Master of Business Administration (ongoing)

On the next edition of our “Know our students” series, we are pleased to introduce Fathih Ali Ibrahim, who is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration at Cyryx College. Fathih, who is native of R Angolhitheemu moved to Male’ after completing his O level and since then he has been studying at Cyryx College from his diploma and then his bachelors in business administration, which he specialized in human resource.

Fathih is currently an Administrative Officer at the Department of Heritage while being a fulltime postgraduate student at Cyryx College. Fathih notes that working in the heritage has developed a passion to the area and it is now one of his hobbies to do research in the domain. Fathih is also committed to becoming a future entrepreneur in the Maldives through the managerial and leadership knowledge he is gaining at Cyryx College and the experiences he is getting from the construction business his family is operating, which he’s also taking an active role.

With regard to the studies at Cyryx College, Fathih says the reason why he likes Cyryx is due to its flexibility, rigor and the relevance of its program. Fathih is content with the applicability of the knowledge he is learning at Cyryx College. Fathih says completing the assignment at Cyryx enable him to develop a deeper understanding of how theories are related in the real business world.

Fathih inspires Apple’s former CEO, Steve Job, who he says has demonstrated a great example for transformers to shake the industries. As someone who has a knack to creativity, Fathih enjoyed the Creativity and Innovation module he studied in the master of business administration program which he says gave him a new way to see things. We wish Fathih all the best in his studies and his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
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