Ahmed Saeed – Cyryx Alumnus (2015)


We are pleased to introduce our MBA alumnus, Ahmed Saeed, “Cappi” referred to him by his colleagues, who is currently working as a Senior Customs Officer – Grade 2 at Maldives Customs Service.

Ahmed is a perfect example for all our students. He joined the Maldives Customs Service in 2002 and he developed his leadership acumen working at this important government organization. Ahmed has been hugely contributing to the Maldives Customs Service especially in the Goods Valuation domain. As Maldives Customs Service plays the central role in maintaining goods clearance in line with the practices of the World Customs Organizations (WCO), Ahmed has acquired tremendous exposure in these cross-border goods import and export practices and he has participated in several international seminars and workshop to keep pace with these global best practices.

During the past one and half decades of Ahmed’s service to Maldives Customs Service, Ahmed has maintained a positive attitude and professionalism in his service to reflect the integrity and ethics expected from such law enforcement officials. As per Ahmed, he considers his work as his “best friend” apart from his family. Ahmed has a true passion to nurture fraternity at work through recreation activities. Ahmed served the role of General Secretary at Customs Recreation Clun from February 2016 to February 2018 in addition to being a key volleyball and futsal player in Maldives Customs teams.

While completing his MBA at Cyryx, Ahmed is considered as a friendly, dedicated and committed student by his academics. Ahmed was also the Spiker of Cyryx’s volleyball team in 2014, which also enabled Cyryx to become the Champion Volleyball Team in the Inter-College Volleyball Tournament for the year. Ahmed noted that his time at Cyryx is one that he would fondly remember including the matured and intellectual journey he had with the experienced lecturers at Cyryx’s MBA program. Ahmed’s word of advice for any ambitious student is to take learning as a life experience to understand the real-life complexities including working under pressure, meeting deadlines and applying theoretical concepts to real life problems.

We are proud of Ahmed’s accomplishment, his dedication, his positive personality. Ahmed is the father of two sons, who are ten and five years old. His spouse is a teacher and Ahmed completed his MBA with us while working at Maldives Customs and being a committed husband and a father. We wish Ahmed “Cappi” all the best in his personal and professional life.

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  1. Zulaikha Abdul latheef.
    Zulaikha Abdul latheef. says:

    Well said about Cappi… Indeed he has been a friendly and helpfull person, both in studies and at work. I wish him all the best for a better and brighter future..

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